In the age of social media, content marketing is king and audiences are looking for better, more meaningful ways to connect with brands. This new approach embodies the old saying of a picture being worth a thousand words. SoCoMunity believes that the best brand stories need to be told with compelling visuals that are shared to platforms that engage audiences in a meaningful way.


SoCoMunity aims to connect audiences and brands through world-class visual storytelling on the most popular digital platforms; leveraging off SoCoMunity’s massive reach through its network of influencers and community accounts.

Content Creation

SoCoMunity specializes in content creation that is designed and optimized for social media. Quality content drives valuable brand engagement that can be amplified by the SoCoMunity network of influencers and community accounts.


Instagram is the fastest growing social media platform and hosts the most engaging digital audiences. SoCoMunity will assist in the formulation of the ideal strategy to launch or relaunch your brand on Instagram. These strategies will allow your brand to better achieve its objectives through the effective use of social media.


Instagram can be an extremely powerful tool that can be used to better tell your brand story if it is done correctly, conversely it can be detrimental to have a bad Instagram account. SoCoMunity represents the best Instagrammers in the country, they know what it takes to run a great Instagram account and they are willing to share their insights with you.

Social Media Influencers

The SoCoMunity network of influencers ensures that brand messages reach a broad and diverse audience, connecting with them in an authentic and engaging manner.


Instagram can be highly effective marketing tool when it is done creatively and in a manner that is true to the platform. SoCoMunity has a combined audience of almost a million people. Through our key community accounts we can reach a vast number of South African Instagram users in the major cities. Our key community accounts include @cityofcapetown, @cityofdurban, @cityofjohannesburg, @cityofpretoria, @cityofpe and @southafricaza

Account Management

SoCoMunity offers unprecedented knowledge and insight into Instagram account management. Our managers will ensure that your account actively engages with audiences, grows your brand presence on Instagram and populates the account with incredible content.


One of the most important aspects of Instagram marketing success goes all the way back to the real reason we have social media platforms in the first place; engaging with each other on a social level and building real networks among the people that make up our communities and cities. INSTAGRAM from the beginning has been about #communityfirst and the CITYOF network strives to keep it at the forefront of what we do, hosting instameets/walks in and around our cities, engaging the community and capturing the beauty that is all around us; from the city, to her people.