Standard Bank South Africa

Standard Bank South Africa approached SoCoMunity to assist in the launch of their South African Instagram account. The Portraits in Progress campaign launched an artist acceleration program that encouraged local photographers to create images around specific themes that related to Standard Banks brand positioning of ‘Never Stop Moving Forward’. The campaign was launched through influencer and the community accounts to ensure that a vast majority of South African Instagrammers saw the competition. Bi-weekly themes were announced, giving Instagrammers creative direction for that period and the entire campaign culminated with a public exhibition of the artists’ work on display at The Standard Bank Gallery. The art was auctioned during the evening to Standard Banks Private Clients and all funds raised on the evening were donated to I Was Shot in Jozi (non-profit photography organization). Three winners were announced on the evening and will be employed by Standard Bank during future campaigns.

Thousands of photos were submitted to the campaign hashtag – #PortraitsInProgress and SoCoMunity grew the Standard Bank South Africa Instagram account from zero to nearly 10 000 followers during the campaign period.